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Eye Exams

Yearly eye exams are important for any age because of the following reasons:

For Children, the increased demand on the eyes due to electronic devices causes an increased percentage of children with nearsightedness. There is a genetic and environmental predisposition to the development of myopia. Children should be examined earlier to determine their predisposition to myopia and implement a plan to prevent or slow down the progression of their nearsightedness. It is also important to determine if their eyes are working together so that they don’t suffer from eye strain, double vision, headaches.

For Adults, there is no escaping electronic devices in this day and age, causing increased eye strain, ocular discomfort from dry eye due to overuse. The increased stress from work, unhealthy lifestyle can cause increased hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, which can sometimes be seen in the retina from a dilated exam.

For Older Adults, there is an increased risk in macular degeneration, glacoma, cataract formation, floaters and stroke that can be seen in the retina from a dilated exam.

Services We Provide

We provide the following:

Comprehensive eye exam for adults and children
Myopia Management to slow down the progression of nearsightedness
Orthokeratology (Ortho-K): a non-permanent method of reshaping the eye using hard lenses to improve vision overnight (great for playing sports and slowing down myopia progression)
Contact lens fitting of all types including keratoconus and corneal irregularity
Treatment and management of eye diseases
Eye surgery consultation and co-management for cataract and lasik surgery
Urgent eye care

If you have any questions about our eye services, please contact us at (908) 246-0392.

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